Are You a Bee or a Flower with Marketing Master Al Tepper

In this episode Paul talks to Al Tepper, founder of Tepfu and LazyMarketing. Al helps expert business owners define and get the visibility they want and the ROI they need. To stay updated with all things Rule the World, visit https://weareopusmedia.com/podcasts/ To buy the book, Rule the World: Master the Power of Storytelling to Inspire, […]

It’s Not What You Sell It’s How You Sell It with Dave Kelly

In this episode Paul talks to Dave Kelly, sales trainer and founder of Sales Union. Dave helps business owners, directors, sales people and anybody else wanting to generate more opportunities to develop a strategy to give them more of the answers they want. To stay updated with all things Rule the World, visit https://weareopusmedia.com/podcasts/ To […]

FREE First Chapter of RtW Audiobook – Now available on Audible

In this episode, Paul I has something special in store for you. As many of you already know, a while back, he released his book, “Rule the World: Master the Power of Storytelling to Inspire, Influence, and Succeed.” Today, he’s thrilled to share with you the first chapter of the newly launched audio version, now […]

Story Strategy with Annie Olufuwa

In this episode Paul talks to Annie Olufuwa, a born and bred Brit and a specialist in business communication. She has built successful businesses delivering accredited training in both the U.K. and South Africa. Her busy consultancy helps businesses define their brand and boost sales using the powerful tool of storytelling. To stay updated with […]

Purposeful Storytelling with Author Mark Carpenter

In this episode Paul talks to Mark Carpenter, college professor and corporate facilitator. Mark’s storytelling became even more purposeful and effective after researching and writing the best-selling book “Master Storytelling: How to Turn Your Experiences Into Stories that Teach, Lead, and Inspire.” Now, as a facilitator, consultant, and speaker, he teaches others what he learned […]

The Power of Preparation with Director of Photography Tom Hines

In this episode Paul talks to Tom Hines, director of photography for shows like Call the Midwife and The Chelsea Detective for BBC, Riches for Amazon, and recently I had the pleasure of working with Tom on a film I produced called Indignitas (more on that in future episodes). In this episode we talk about […]

Mending Broken Discourse with Bestselling Author Lars Emmerich

In this episode Paul talks to Lars Emmerich (@Lars_Emmerich), #1 bestselling author ofthe Sam Jameson and Peter Kittredge conspiracy thriller series, read by over one million thriller fans. Lars is an entrepreneur, investor/bitcoin miner, and retired F-16 pilot who writes about good guys with a bad streak and bad guys with a few redeeming qualities. […]

SPECIAL EPISODE: Understanding Your Customer with Iain McMichael

? In this special episode Paul talks to executive sales coach Iain McMichael about chapter 2 of Paul’s book, Rule the World. We talk about the importance of understanding your customer and their wants and needs, and how, by playing them off against each other you can build real conflict in your storytelling to generate […]

The Heart of Your Characters with Award-Winning Screenwriter Debbie Owen

This episode Paul talks to award-winning screenwriter, Debbie Owen. Debbie was a psychiatric nurse for 15 years before becoming a screenwriter. She was able to use her experience as a nurse to write for one of her favourite shows – Casualty. She has now been writing for Casualty for 5 years, learning new things everyday […]

Storytelling All Over The World With Global Speaker Coach Peter Hopwood

In this episode, Paul talks with Peter Hopwood – a Global Storytelling and Speaker Coach, Virtual Speaking Specialist and Ted-X Coach. Peter is a virtual and leadership speaking specialist. He helps people in sales find the right stories to tell to their listeners and shows them how to succeed in this area. As a Ted-X […]

Data Storytelling with Digital Transformation Expert Graham Brown

In this episode, Paul is joined by Graham Brown (@GrahamDBrown), founder of Pikkal & Co – Award Winning Podcast Agency – an AI Powered, Data Driven B2B Podcast Agency in Singapore. He is a published author on the subject of The Digital Transformation of Communication, works including “The Human Communication Playbook”, “The Mobile Youth: Voices […]

The Stories We Tell Ourselves with Poet & Narrative Therapist Dorian Haarhoff

In this episode, Paul is joined by Dorian Haarhoff, a South African/Namibian poet who facilitates creative writing, and story-telling wordshops and acts as a one-on-one writing mentor. In a past life, Dorian was a Professor of English Literature in Namibia, and Dorian now tinkers his trade in the street markets of the world. Mythology, creation […]

The Story Inside with Story Coach Werner Schmidt

In this episode, Paul is joined by Werner Schmidt (@wernercreates), founder of 123CY. Werner is a start-up coach, brand discoverer and creative practitioner. He coaches through creative, constructive conversation, motivational speaking engagements and workshops, blending ACT, NLP, story coaching and a wide range of strategic and operational experience, since 1994. To stay updated with all […]

Rhetoric with Aristotelian Expert Robert C. Bartlett

In this episode, Paul is joined by Professor Robert C Bartlett, Behrakis Professor of Hellenic Political Studies at Boston College. His principal area of research is classical political philosophy, with particular attention to the thinkers of ancient Hellas, including Thucydides, Plato, Xenophon, and Aristotle. He is the author or editor of eight books, including The […]

Voice, Imagery & Symbolism with Urban Griot Levi Tafari

In this episode, Paul is joined by Levi Tafari (@LeviTafariPoet), poet and Urban Griot, consciousness raiser, storyteller, newscaster and political agitator. Levi has four collections of poetry published and his work has been included in many anthologies. He has also spent two seasons as poet in residence with The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra. An important […]

Political Storytelling with Jon Egan

In this episode, Paul is joined by Jon Egan, an experienced political policy and communication strategist. With over 20 years working for politicians in Westminster and Europe, he was also formerly a campaign strategist for the Labour Party helping to deliver its key seat strategy for the successful 1997 General Election campaign. He was also […]

Constant Creativity with Phil Disley

In this episode, Paul is joined by Phil Disley (@phildisley), award-winning illustrator and regular contributor to much of the broadsheet press. Phil has delivered columns in The Guardian, The Independent, The Times, The Financial Times and The Spectator. To stay updated with all things Rule the World, visit https://weareopusmedia.com/podcasts/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/weareopusmedia/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/weareopusmedia/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/paulfurlongopus/

Communication Styles with Julian Lewis

In this episode, Paul is joined by Julian Lewis (@julian_lewis), bestselling author of Infinite Giving and business coach at Integrus Global. Julian is passionate about helping his clients to create successful teams and raise their performance levels. He believes that everyone achieves more when they are surrounded by the right people. With 20 years experience […]

Planting Ideas with Dr. Uri Hasson

In this episode I’m joined by Dr. Uri Hasson, Professor in the Department of Psychology and the Neuroscience Institute at Princeton University. He studies the brain responses to natural, real-life events. In particular, he’s interested in understanding how communication through storytelling can affect human cognition.

Leading your Audience with Stand-up Comic Finbar Healy

In this episode I’m joined by Finbar Healy (@finhealycomedy). In  the words of Fin, he is the world’s finest comedian known to only those in Newcastle and the surrounding areas. And sometimes not even there. He’s also an actor who can’t sing, a dancer who can’t dance and a voice over artist as long as […]

The Origins of Storytelling with Professor Polly Wiessner

In this episode I’m joined by Professor Polly Weissner, Professor of Anthropology at the University of Utah and Arizona State University. Over the past forty years, she has conducted research among the !Kung Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert. She is currently studying conversations and activities that take place after dark to understand how extending the […]

The Difference You Make with Andrew Gibson

In this episode I’m joined by leadership coach Andrew Gibson (@ajggibson). Andrew is an executive coach in leadership development, public speaking and career development  and is the author of What’s Your URP and the upcoming Make Life Simple. In this episode we talk about how to build your social capital through storytelling and why the […]

Creating Impact with Impacttologist Martin Brooks

In this episode I’m joined by impacttologist Martin Brooks (@impacttologist). Martin helps people create the “impact” through rhetoric, body language, tone, gesture and emotion in their presentations and storytelling that is representative of their potential – rather than their current combination of confidence and communication skills.

Story Selling with Smart Selling Expert Russ Hope

In this episode I’m joined by Russ Hope (@russellhope), managing director of Plain Selling. Russ helps businesses explore new income streams and achieving huge growth through the implementation of a smart and simple sales methodology. Russ is brilliant at engaging with prospects correctly and working in partnership with clients creating a situation where a ‘cold […]

Rule the World Conference Talk from host Paul Furlong

In this episode, you can hear the storytelling for business talk that was delivered by podcast host Paul Furlong at the BNI UK Director’s Conference 2019 in Nottingham. In the talk, Paul shares some practical hints and tips to help the audience become inspirational storytellers by telling well-timed, well-told stories to get the results they […]

Getting Creative with Behavioural Expert Anthony Tasgal

In this episode I’m joined by Anthony Tasgal (@TaswellHill), an expert in storytelling, “insightment” and applying new thinking to understanding consumer behaviour and decision-making, and was Founding Editor of Mintel Inspire – an interactive trends tool.

Reading Your Audience with Scealiai Jack Lynch

In this episode I’m joined by Jack Lynch, pre-eminent scealiai, or Irish storyteller. Jack is the chair of Storytellers of Ireland and a founder member of the Dublin Yarnspinners. He spends his time telling stories at festivals around the world, and is an expert in folk tales, myths, legends and tall tales. For more information, […]

Capturing a Moment with Foo Fighters Photographer Tony Woolliscroft

In this episode I’m joined by Tony Woolliscroft (@redmen1), photographer to the stars of the rock and roll world having spent 20 years photographing the Foo Fighters, 15 years photographing the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and plenty of time photographing other artists including Gorrilaz, Robbie Williams, Duran Duran, The 1975, Bush and many more.

Tone of Voice with Language Expert Martin J Williams

In this episode I’m joined by Martin J Williams (@martinjwilliams), a tone of voice and messaging expert from UK Copywriting and Hampson Nattan Williams Here, we discuss the importance of language, how to grab attention and how to keep people engaged throughout your story. For more information, you can visit www.weareopusmedia.com or follow us on Twitter @WeAreOpusMedia, […]

Capturing the Story with Liverpool FC Biographer Ragnhild Lund Ansnes

In this episode I’m joined by Ragnhild Lund Ansnes, a journalist, presenter, blogger, motivational speaker and author most famous for her books about Liverpool Football Club. Here, we discuss the the importance of preparing for your story, particularly in interviews, how to capture the best moments from your subjects, how to find emotion in your story, […]

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