Storytelling All Over The World With Global Speaker Coach Peter Hopwood

In this episode, Paul talks with Peter Hopwood – a Global Storytelling and Speaker Coach, Virtual Speaking Specialist and Ted-X Coach. Peter is a virtual and leadership speaking specialist. He helps people in sales find the right stories to tell to their listeners and shows them how to succeed in this area. As a Ted-X coach, Peter excels in boosting speakers and aspiring storytellers to get their message across in an influential and powerful way. Peter expressed himself through art when he was younger, then moved to working at DisneyLand Paris, which is where he fell in love with storytelling and putting a smile on peoples faces. He enjoyed the new connections he would make everyday with different people. From there, he has gone on to work in over 40 countries and lived in 7, currently settling in Croatia. To stay updated with all things Rule the World, visit
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