Master the power of storytelling to inspire,influence and succeed

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About The Book

What difference could you make if people hung on your every word every time you spoke?
How different would your world be if your marketing was more influential? And if you closed more sales and earned more commission, what would your life look like?


The common factor between inspiring leaders, influential marketeers and great sales people is that they inspire action in the people around them.
How do they do this? By telling well told stories.


There is an element of art to a well told story, but behind the art is a great deal of craft. And that means that it can be learned, practiced and perfected.


Using memorable stories, relatable examples and step-by-step advice, this book is a comprehensive guide to move others in the direction you want them to go.

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What You’ll Learn

  • 1) How to structure your story for maximum impact?
  • 2) How to engage emotionally and create a connection with your audience?
  • 3) How to take your storytelling to the next level?
  • 4) How to collect stories?
  • 5) How to ensure that storytelling permeates your entire organisation to shape its culture and perception?

About Paul Furlong

As a small child, Paul Furlong would play make believe endlessly with his younger brother, Daniel. His parents had moved out of a rough part of the city to somewhere where they felt that they could give him more opportunities, but in doing so had stretched themselves financially to the point where his Mum was working five jobs and his Dad was working two. Because all the wages were spent on barely surviving, he and his brother had no toys to play with and would therefore make up stories and then act them out for hours on end.


As finances eased slightly, Paul’s parents introduced him to cinema and that childhood love of storytelling grew, so that now, as a “grown-up”, Paul tells stories in the form of films; television programmes for BBC, ITV & Channel4; and for his company, Opus Media’s, corporate clients through TV advertising, online video and photography. These clients include Subway, Formula One, The National Lottery, NHS and The National Grid, to name but a few.


Paul is a global authority on corporate storytelling having combined his storytelling knowledge and experience from the film and TV industry with his sales and marketing expertise and know-how from his corporate work. He is the author of Rule the World: Master the Power of Storytelling to Inspire, Influence and Succeed and regularly gives public and corporate seminars and conducts live and virtual training programs on storytelling around the world. He has shared his insights on numerous podcasts and various publications including Entrepreneur. Paul is an RTS award-winning producer, is a member of PACT, the RTS and is a founding member and sits on the board of the Producer’s Collective.


In Paul’s spare time, you’ll see him running around the wilds of the beach, chasing after his two daughters; trying to remain philosophical about Everton’s season finishing after the third round of the FA Cup every year and watching foreign movies at the cinema with his wife,Amy.

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