How soon can we get started? How much input do you require from us? How long does it take?
On this page we answer frequently asked questions about your video and animation creation.


How soon can we get started?

As soon as you’re ready. We can start the onboarding process straight away so we can begin the creative planning process and then we can take it from there.


How much input do you require from us?

As a starting point we’ll arrange a face-to-face meeting and  ask you to fill out a short questionnaire to help us understand the project requirements. From there you can have as much or as little input into the scripting, filming and editing as you’d like. In any case we’ll keep you informed at every step of the process.


Am I expected to know exactly what I want?

No, not at all. We understand that sometimes the need for a video is clear, however the exact content of the video and its style are not clear at all. We recognise this and it is completely normal. We have systems and processes in place to help us understand you, your audience and what you need to say. Then together with our creative team, you will be invited to explore different options for your video. It is all part of the pre-production planning and we never rush this important idea development stage. We understand that corporate videos exist to carry a message and we believe the most beautiful video is a complete failure if it doesn’t achieve its objective. We promise to give your project the time it requires to develop into video product which genuinely turns heads.


How long should a corporate video be?

Not long. Attention spans being what they are…did we lose you? The ideal length will depend on the subject matter and where the video is shown.

Trailer 15-30 seconds
To kick off a presentation 90 seconds
LinkedIn 1 minute
Your website Up to 2 minutes
Fascinating niche material up to 4.5 minutes

So it might be that a few different edits serve your video campaign best.


Will there be any additional costs after the initial quote?

We give you a full breakdown of costs in our initial quote, so you can see exactly what the proposed budget covers. If the approach stays the same, there are no hidden costs. If the brief develops then we can arrange whatever extra services are required, such as a second day of filming, stock footage or more graphics. We will always give you any extra costs in writing.


How long will the video production process take?

This really depends on your project. A promotional video production can take just a single day to produce. In the past we have deployed a production team to location in the morning, edited their footage in the afternoon and delivered the finished film to the client by the evening.Bigger projects take more time but aren’t necessarily more complicated. Pre-production is always the most important part of a production and be the most time-consuming element.


How large is your crew?

This depends on the type of job. For simple talking heads interviews or case studies we can provide a ‘self-shooting’ videographer and director, who will work alone to capture all the necessary footage.

However our preference is for a two- or three-man crew, consisting of a producer/director to oversee the filming and conduct interviews, plus one or two camera operators to concentrate on the visual and technical aspects. This ensures the key messages of the video are covered more effectively.

For more complex filming requirements we may also recommend extra crew members, such as additional camera operators, a sound recordist, or a drone operator. These will all be costed separately in our quote.

For animation, we generally agree the key messages with you and then we work on a draft script and a suggested visual style for review. However we’re also happy to work from a full script or storyboard provided to us.


What kind of equipment do you use?

We film everything on professional broadcast-quality 4K or 6K video cameras and use additional kit – such as radio mics, lighting kit, or green screen – where appropriate. We continually invest in new kit and software to keep up-to-date with the rapidly changing standards of the industry.


What space will you need to film in our office?

The key components for a space for a talking head interview on video are:

As large as possible. No smaller than 6 x 4 metres. Quiet (not near the lift, the coffee machine or overlooking a noisy bus-stop). It helps if we can control the air conditioning also.

If there are external windows, we will need to be able to control the light (ie we’ll need working blinds or we may have to black out the windows). Often it is best to involve Facilities before the shoot. We may need a separate space to store our kit boxes.


How long is needed for each interview?

Typically we allow an hour slot for each interview. We would say 30 minutes is the minimum, for speakers who are very comfortable in front of the camera.

It’s worth remembering that it takes 90 -120 minutes from our arrival at a location to bring the kit in, get the room configured and the lights, cameras and sound set up. And then 45 minutes to derig at the end of the filming.

If we are capturing more than one interview on camera then we tend to ‘flip’ the cameras and the lightning set-up so that contributors appear on different sides of the frame in the final edit.

So as a rule of thumb:

One interview – 4 hours
Two interviews – 5 hours


Can you take photos on the shoot?

Yes, we can supply a professional photographer for your video shoot. Just let us know and we can quote for this. If all you need is a few snaps for a blog or Social Media, then the regular film team can take these for you.


What about graphics and branding?

Alongside the filming we’ll create any motion graphics required for the video. These could range from a simple animated logo to a series of stylish infographics and lower thirds. We always use graphics in a way that complements rather than complicates the message of the video.


Can you add subtitles to your videos?

Adding subtitles is an increasingly common request and we’re able to offer two options. We can either add subtitles directly to the video (so they always appear no matter when or how the video is accessed) or we can provide a separate subtitle file that can be uploaded to YouTube and other platforms alongside the video. This allows you to toggle the subtitles on and off, and to have several subtitle files in different languages for one video. We’ve provided video subtitles in over a dozen languages.


In what format will I receive my video files?

We usually supply our finished videos in the most commonly used formats, typically .mp4 or .mov. However we’re happy to convert these into pretty much any other format free of charge.


Is it possible to update the video in the future?

This is quite common and we always ensure a project is constructed in a way which ensures it is easy to update at a future date. Our digital video production workflow enables us to chop, change and adapt a video, no matter how much time has passed. We promise to keep editable project files for your project and you can have copies of these too.


What music is used in the video?

Let’s face it, no one has a ‘corporate video production’ playlist on Spotify. That’s because music in business videos has traditionally been pretty rubbish. The challenge is that we can’t feature tracks in your promo video that require copyright clearance (every song you’ve ever sung in the shower), and so we rely on library music. Fortunately, library music is now better than ever and our own provider is in our opinion the very best. A music track will be included in your budget, and once your video is online you’ll never need to relicense it.


Will we be able to take still images from the finished video?

Yes, it’s possible to take frame grabs from a video to use like photographs, for example to use as thumbnails. But bear in mind that the resolution of the final video is likely to be 1920 x 1080 pixels or at 4k UHD 3840 x 2160. A still image is likely to be 4672 x 3104, so a lot more detailed. However, if you’re just looking to post them online, they’ll look fine. If you want to use them for print, that’s a whole other ballgame. We can supply a photographer for the shoot if you require.


Do you keep a copy of our footage?

Yes, we do. In fact we will keep two copies of your footage for safety.


For more information, or to ask any other questions not covered here, please give us a call on 0333 358 3335, email info@weareopusmedia.com or contact us on our contact form here.