How much should good corporate video production cost?

If you’re considering hiring an online video production company you might be wondering about what the costs you should expect. The idea of producing corporate video content for your website  might sound extremely expensive upfront but it can be a great investment in the future of your company. Video production has had its costs significantly slashed over the past few years due to the accessibility of various editing software, creative advancements  in camera hardware as well as improvements to the speed of editing. Just because the prices have dropped doesn’t mean that you have to face a series of quality issues with the video production. It is likely that you or your employees will have access to an HD camera in your pocket through a smart phone. Working with a professional will ensure that you’re going to have  studio quality sound, great editing, a superior picture quality and more.


Finding a corporate video production company with some experience and a portfolio will make sure that you are hiring somebody that has true knowledge in the industry. It often takes years of practice to become a good video editor and video production expert. It’s likely that you can find many freelancers that will help you get some videos up for your website but it’s important to remember that you get what you pay for. Investing a bit more in your video production can help you stand out amongst the competition.

How will a video production company charge for their  projects?


Most video production companies charge at a day rate as well as an hourly rate for some of their postproduction stages. Even short videos are often broken down into a day rate because of the amount of photography that’s required, the corporate video production that may be required on site and the number of staff members that might be required to complete the shoot. Most professional videographers will charge around  £1000 per day for a video production shoot. This may produce a series of short videos for your website or a longer demonstration video or commercial that you can use as part of your official video content.


The price for your corporate video project will come down to the number of videos that you’d like to produce and the length of the video that you would need to produce for your webpage. Often the production process is broken down into several stages including the storyboarding and concept phase, capturing a video, editing the video and then the final production or cuts that need to be made before the video is ready to go up on your site or social media. Some video production companies will also provide marketing assistance. A website video production company may provide you with some assistance in optimising your video for sharing for proper play across multiple devices like tablets, smartphones and computers and more and to turn your video into a lead generation tool on YouTube and social media rather than a vanity project.

A breakdown of charges for video production:


There’s no definitive price on every video that a production company might produce and most video production companies will take it on a case-by-case basis. Most of the time the larger commercials for corporate partners like Apple will cost upwards of £500,000. Most smaller videos commissioned by websites to display on their home pages cost between £1000 and £20,000 for extremely high quality video production.


A professional level video at between £3500-£20,000 will often bring in heigh value equipment such as professional camera rigs that would be used in television, the addition of motion graphics and special effects as well as complete rendering for a longer video. This level of professionalism is often needed for a major web commercial or some type of long form demonstration video.


If you run a fairly small website a semi pro level of corporate video production with some professional quality equipment and editing is likely all your business will need to stand out. These types of videos cost between  £1000 up to £3500 and this will include all of the tools that you need to shoot a great quality commercial or short with people working on the job that know the equipment well. If you just need a bit of help with some marketing content, this is likely the range that you can expect to pay.


If you ever wanted to shoot a blue-chip advertisement or a Hollywood movie style trailer for your video is often going to take a much larger budget. Most Hollywood level trailers cost upwards of £100,000. If you are intent on really standing out and producing a video that’s going to blow the competition out of the water, this is likely and investment you could make in your company for marketing materials you can use forever.

Other variables in costs:


Depending on the complexity of your video you can add into the costs of video production. Various logistics for your video could include travel expenses for various actors and crew, licensing music, special effects and more. Consider the complexity of your video and what must be included to get your point across. Video production companies can often work with you to reduce some of these costs and remove some of the complexity from your video so that your brand voice is represented without all of the added expenses.

Can I shoot a video for my webpage by myself?


Even though you have an HD video capable camera and you feel as though you’ve got a pretty good handle on video production, it’s often best to trust in the professionals. A quality corporate video production company will be able to reach out to your target audience, make sure that you got clearly defined goals for your video project and they will build a strategy to make sure that you can achieve the project fully. We successfully implemented video with a complete concept has a far greater chance at being shared and generating effective results for your webpage. Most consumers can tell the difference between a professional video and a DIY video. User generated content has a place on social media but it is never going to be that effective on your main webpage. If you’re inconsistent with your branding and you don’t let your brand  appear professional, there’s a good chance that you are going to be left in the dust by your competition. Using improper equipment, not planning properly, bad sound or poor editing can sink a video.

Adding animations and special effects:


Animated video and special effects can be an excellent way to get your point across. Experts in online video production can likely provide  assistance with animations and special effects with your video. Sometimes production companies will outsource some of these tasks to other companies in the editing process but if you do need to add animations or unqiue graphics to your video it can often produce more impactful results. Adding an animation or special effects like overlays can be a fantastic way to enhance a demonstration video and take your content to the next level.

Should you use a freelancer for your website videos?


It can be very tempting to use a freelancer to handle your website production. If you want fast turnarounds and you’re on a tight budget, choosing a freelance web video creator can be a great option and there are some surprising freelancers who can produce videos that are just as impressive as any video studio. There’s also a large number of freelancers that are looking to make a quick buck too. Make sure that you are properly vetting freelancers and if you want to ensure good results it’s always best to trust in a company that has a long-standing reputation and a proper record in the industry. Working with a video production is usually the best rule of thumb because you’ll have a larger team working on your project, with the right equipment and the right experience to help you get the perfect results.



Even though it costs a bit more to get professional video production for your organisation, it’s extremely advantageous to work with a video production company in creating your web videos. A bit more investment upfront can ensure that your business is able to see greater rewards from your video production.


You get what you pay for in any type of video production and if you want to make sure that your video production is going to be a success from the get-go, it’s always best to spend a bit more and go with a company that has a proven track record.


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