How can an explainer video help your business?

How can an explainer video help your business?

If you have new products that are launching on your website it’s extremely advantageous for you to consider the idea of boosting your success with a brand new explainer video. Online videos on your website, social media and on YouTube can produce explosive growth for your business and help with your product success as well. Explainer videos are one of the best marketing tools for improving your conversion rates, clarifying more on your products and spreading brand awareness. Here are some of the top reasons why it can be so advantageous to work with a website video production crew to produce an explainer video:


Conversion rate improvements:

85% of people are more likely to buy a product if it has an explainer video based off of surveys conducted by Video Rascal. Explainer videos help to go through a product or the potential of a service in a streamlined format that anyone can understand.


Demonstrate the value of your product:

It’s not always easy to demonstrate the value of your product in text. When you can show off the product in someone’s hands and demonstrated visually to a person, it’s much more explainable and it shows how you differ from your competition.


Content that’s highly shareable:

Video content is highly shareable and it’s likely that you’ll generate an increased level of interest. Over 70% of users online are watching videos at least once a day and over 50% of web users are going to be watching explainer videos on products this year.

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