The Power Of An FAQ Video In Marketing

In all good stories, intrepid heroes are always on a quest. Along the way, perplexing turns of events brings them to their knees. Which is why heroes need mentors, like Gandalf, who provide answers, or guide our plucky heroes in their search for answers.


Don’t you love it when searching for information on the internet, you stumble across a site that has all the answers? Great websites go out of their way to do that.


Unfortunately, when it comes to answers, it’s the FAQ, the frequently asked questions page on most websites that often create confusion. Rather than the sun breaking through the clouds of despair as all is revealed, many FAQ pages only force our brave heroes to clutch their heads and howl, “AAARRRGGH!” – and move on to another company’s website.



Why a poor FAQ is bad for business


Most of the time, instead of answering the client’s exact question, the company’s website picks up on a single word in the question and looks for an answer with that word in it. Irrespective of whether it’s the right answer to the original question.


For example, when the customer types ‘Can I insure single items in my house instead of my whole house?’ the website takes the client to the FAQ question, ‘Can I insure my house?’’ And the customer starts banging their head on the table and frightening the dog.


A poor FAQ is the quickest way to drive customers away.


1 Reason why a great FAQ will build your business


If customers can see that you have done your research to find out what they need to know by


  • Speaking to your sales teams to discover what customers actually ask. Ditto your customer service and call centre teams.


  • Reviewing your site search function to see how customers phrase questions and what they’re looking for.


  • Making use of the Google Search Console to see what phrases generate clicks.


  • Reviewing ‘question sites’ to see what people research.


…then you are likely to gain a customer for life! People want to be heard. Are you listening to your customers?


10 Reasons why FAQ videos are the way to go!


Answering your FAQs with video is the way forward. Consider these stats:


  • Consumers retain 95% of what they hear, and 80% of what they see when watching a video.
  • Consumers retain only 10 – 20% of information of what they read.


An FAQ page on your website is good, but written AND video answers is better.


Because companies don’t want the FAQ page to become as long as Tolstoy’s War And Peace, only the most basic questions are listed. And your customer’s frustration increases. Imagine if you had links to a cluster of videos with more in-depth answers!


Why cluster videos? Let’s take Household Insurance. There may be many questions that need answers, but a website’s FAQ would usually only have the most basic question:


Q: Why do I need Household Insurance?


With cluster videos, you could give customers information on:


Q: Does Household Insurance cover the house, only the stuff inside it, or both?
Q: Can I cover just my laptop?
Q: What If I don’t own anything except some power tools?


  • The video also increases your brand awareness, likability, and trustworthiness.


  • FAQ video makes customers feel as if you are speaking to them face-to-face, and truly want to help them.


  • FAQ Video will increase your customer’s knowledge base. Better-informed customers have greater spending power.


  • Video keeps you top of mind with customers.


  • Video links can be shared, and your customers become part of your sales team.


  • FAQ ‘How-to’ video answers will keep your customers returning to you again and again.


  • Chapter headings and captioning will give a wide base of potential customers a depth of knowledge they couldn’t find elsewhere.


  • Apart from your website, videos can be inserted into emails, social media, and used in staff onboarding and training.


The 9 most important other stats you need to know


  • Company websites achieve 41% more traffic, thanks to embedded video content.


  • Landing pages with videos enjoy an 80% higher conversion rate.


  • Video increases online visibility on Google and other search engines, including YouTube. Video helps your website and product pages rank higher. You become more discoverable. How?


    • For 26% of search results on Google, it shows a video thumbnail next to that search result. When it does so, users are more likely to click that link. The thumbnail is what’s known as a ‘rich snippet’.


      • Video increases organic traffic between 10% to 250%.
      • 93 percent of every online activity begins with a search engine. Google is the largest and most used search engine in the world. And it owns YouTube, the second-largest search engine.
      • Previously, it was said that having YouTube videos embedded in your website increased your SEO by 53%.  Today we know that video doubles or even triples the number of SEO keywords on Google’s first-page search results.
      • A video on YouTube will point clients to your website.


  • Approximately 122 million global users per day and 1 billion monthly active users are watching YouTube videos.


  • One billion hours of YouTube content is viewed every day. They could be watching yours!


  • 100% That’s how much video engagement on YouTube rises every year. Can the same be said of your bottom line without video engagement?


Don’t let your FAQs become a source of frustration to customers and distress to their dogs. Give them all the help they need and become their favourite and most trusted brand thanks to exceptional FAQ Videos.


Turning people away with a poor response to their frequently asked questions?


It’s time to change that and bring customers home. Let’s talk.

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