The importance of vlogging

I realise the irony of posting a blog about vlogging, but nonetheless, there are many reasons why vlogging stands out as one of the most popular new ways to interact with people online and demonstrate complex topics. Here are some of the top reasons that you should be using Vlogging as part of your regular repertoire for marketing, demonstrations and more:


People can relate to visual content much better: most humans tend to be visual learners and by engaging them with this type of content it’s possible for people to process more information. Around 65% of people find that they can process information much more readily when it’s presented to them in a visual format instead of text.


Creating something personal: Working in video remains one of the best ways that you can connect with users and showcase your personality. It can be difficult to portray the way that you generally speak or have a conversation with someone in just text content. Creating something that’s a little more personal and closer to interacting with someone can be more impactful.


It is trending on search engines: search engine technology now allows for indexing the video content and this means that if you are hosting your vlogs on any major video host there’s a better chance that they will come up in search engine results. A diverse series of content like blogs, vlogs, photos and more can lead to much better search engine results and more traffic for your page.


Better demonstrations: for complex ideas such as demonstrating a product or explaining your service, it’s so much easier to film a vlog and really showcase your ideas. What might actually take 1000 words of text can be explained in around a minute with a demonstration of your product.


As you can see, vlogging is a format that remains extremely important for marketers and individuals today. Learning how to vlog can be an indispensable skill and if you are willing to put in the time, you can work at becoming more effective as a marketer using these top tools.