Get your brand messaging right. With Special Guests Kirsty Forman & Kathryn Bistacchi from Definition Consulting

You’re invited to join us for a Marketing Masterclass that shows you how to get more bang for your marketing buck.

Whether you love digital marketing or prefer events & PR, getting your brand messaging right will definitely get you a better ROI for ANY sales and marketing activity you do…

Your Invitation:
Join us for a Marketing Masterclass
Wednesday 4th Nov
8am – 9am.

This month we’re excited to welcome special guests Kirsty Forman and Kathryn Bistacchi, Directors at Definition Consulting, a industry-leading marketing and business development company.

They’ll be sharing their expert knowledge on how to develop messaging to make a better impact with your audience, and how adjusting your marketing can change the conversation and make your sales process easier.

You’ll get to understand how big companies get their messaging right and receive a simple framework to complete for your business. Walking you through it step by step, you’ll understand how clever messages are created so prospects are engaged and start to interact with your business.

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