Online Video

Video marketing Liverpool: In the current economic environment, communicating the story and vision of an organisation is essential, and the most effective way to accomplish this is by promoting your products and services through the medium of video marketing. With the emergence of fast broadband and 3.6 billion YouTube searches performed every month, video marketing is no longer an extravagance but a fundamental tool for reaching and informing potential customers. No organisation can afford to be without video.

What we do.

We think differently. We believe that your organisation’s story is central to everything that you do, and it is this story that creates real impact, not big budgets. We offer a script-to screen service for your organisation’s video marketing and communications and have the experience and client skills to ensure that everything runs as smoothly behind the scenes as in front of the camera. This results in stand-out production quality of a targeted message brought to life extremely cost-effectively.

Once we have produced your video, you want the right people to see it. After all, if no one sees your video, your investment is wasted. We market and analyse your video to ensure that the right people see it and stay engaged. We do this through audience retention & reaction analysis, re-edits based on this analysis and subsequent split-testing, and by providing you with a stats report that includes views, demographics & traffic sources. We also set-up & manage your YouTube channel including keyword research, associated tagging, annotations, playlist setup & management and link building. And to top it all, we work with your web developer/manager to optimise video content within your website and social media offering.

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