Optimised Online Video

Optimised Online Video Liverpool

Back in the 1950s when there were only three TV channels, advertising on one of them was the way to go to achieve mass market saturation so that your product or service was seen by as many people as possible.


Not anymore.


The public’s attention is now split between thousands of TV channels, YouTube, Amazon Prime and Netflix, all because of the wonder of the internet. It’s the most massive mass medium ever. But it’s also the least massive mass medium. That’s because everyone curates their own private version of it with personalised Facebook timelines and YouTube playlists.


The mass advertising approach no longer makes sense, and that’s where Opus Media comes in. With targeted visual storytelling through our Optimised Online Video, or OOV, service we help you to serve your videos directly to your target market online while not wasting your budgets blanket marketing to people who will never buy your product or service. You can cherry-pick your audiences and decide where to run the video online, using thousands of combinations from age, location or life style.  And through this process your video will automatically climb the search rankings across the internet.


And at the end of the day this will make a big difference to your bottom line.