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Paul Furlong MCIM – Creative Director

Paul developed his passion for storytelling from an early age when he would play make-believe with his younger brother, Daniel. He developed this storytelling ability through his career in television working on shows such as My Million Pound Menu for the BBC and Captain Mack for CiTV. He has received international recognition for his work, including screening one of his short films at the Cannes Film Festival.

Paul’s favourite film is La Grande Bellezza, his favourite musician is Tom Waits and his favourite past times outside of telling visual stories are playing music, martial arts and spending time with his family.

Paul’s favourite ad he’s worked on – Late for Training for Subway



Luke Hodgkinson – Sound Engineer

Luke’s contemporary musical roots has enabled him to produce a plethora of work across all major digital media platforms, with powerful artistic consideration. From ITV crews, Netflix productions, corporate identity, and successful YouTube channels, Luke brings sound design to the level your brand requires for today’s market.

Outside his working life Luke spends quality time with family & friends and enjoys playing with a number of bands.

Luke’s favourite ad he’s worked on – Message in a bottle





Casey Bradley – Director of Photography/Photographer

Casey developed his love for cinematography, first being surrounded by the paintings of his artist mother and introduced to the films of the French New Wave by his ‘film-buff’ father.

He developed his passion for filmmaking studying documentary filmmaking and foreign cinema at University, and his final degree documentary was shown at the Norwich ‘Sound and Vision’ festival. This exposure led to the opportunity of working as an editor for the ‘Britain in a Day’ show for the BBC, and later as a Production Assistant on the set of ITV’s world-renowned TV Series ‘Downton Abbey’ at Ealing Studios.

Casey loves travelling, particularly in South America, and enjoys live jazz, and supports Birmingham City FC, although that’s not always enjoyable.

Casey’s favourite ad he’s worked on – Winsor Furniture



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