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The Importance of Vlogging

I realise the irony of posting a blog about vlogging, but nonetheless, there are many reasons why vlogging stands out as one of the most popular new ways to interact with people online and demonstrate complex topics. Here are some

5 ways to get more people to watch your corporate videos

As a business owner, you’ll no doubt be sick of hearing about the benefits of video content. An informative, eye-catching video can encourage people to find out more about your business and increase engagement rates, but it can often be

Why audio is so important

Quality audio for any type of professional film is an absolute requirement. If you are going to be telling a story in a corporate demonstration video, for training or for any other type of corporate film it’s extremely important that

4 properties every image needs

In order to create a stunning image a professional photographer needs to incorporate at least four main properties into any shot that they are building. Keeping these properties in mind will help you to build a better image. Here are

Why telling a story is so important?

No matter what your marketing goals may be, telling a story and relating to your customers will often lead to a far better sales result. In advertising, it’s important to connect personally with everyone you are targeting your sales content